A little bit about me!  I have been behind a camera for some time now!  I can remember taking photos back in my youth!  I always had an eye for the scene. I was able to catch small details in pictures before the film was ever developed!  YES- Film!!  I love taking photos.  I enjoy everything from nature to landscapes, to animals but my real joy is people.  I love the feeling I get from a beautiful session.  Then walking into homes and seeing those moments frozen in time on the mantles and walls! 

I started working as a part time photographer when my son was about six months old.  I got my first DSLR camera for Christmas! I have had the pleasure of meeting lots of wonderful people over my journey.  I decided to become full time around May (2013)and haven’t looked back. 

Weddings are pure joy.  I love capturing that special day and even being able to have that spare bobby-pen or know that special trick to bustle the dress!!  It is a passion.  It is my joy.   My lovely assistant and I would be glad to capture your special day!!

My theme is bright, vivid colors and I love shooting close in to focus on the eyes!!  I love children’s faces.  The pure innocence they possess is amazing. 

So a little about your booked session:

Sessions are normally an hour long.  I will always be on time if not at least 10 minutes early.  We will then casually work around the hour getting your wonderful photos.  Children are more follow and shoot!!  They can really create some fantastic shots just blending into their surroundings.  Patience is the key for the young ones!   I work mostly in Chatham County, but have been known to travel to surrounding counties( sometimes for a small extra fee)!  There are a lot of awesome locations to choose from.  Just tell me what you have in mind and we can choose the best location for your theme!

After your shoot, I will give you a DVD will all the photos from your shoot- PLUS the best edited from my eye- which is always fifty plus (50+) high definition/quality photos.  I will send them via mail with the copyright release so that you may use them anyway you wish.  The only thing I ask is if you enter your photos is a contest or any media- noting me as your photographer! 

I promise to have your session DVD to you with in one week!  I you want to upgrade to a flash drive or memory card- great- let me know!!  Sometimes that means a home delivery!! 


Any other packages we can detail to your needs! 

Wedding packages available! 

Maternity/Children’s packages available!  I like to document children as they get older.

***Satisfaction Guarantee!!  If you are not 100% satisfied at all with you photo session for any reason- please, please, let me know and I will re-book you a session within one month of your initial session.  I want you to be 100% happy with your photos and have a life-long photographer. 

I will work with you anyway I can.  I love what I do and want you to love what I do, too!!  

Welcome to the Branded Family!

Brandalynn Hooft Lemons

BHL Photography